22 Apr 2016

Earth Day 2016

Every year April 22nd is celebrated as Earth Day.This year around 1 Billion members are going to participate around the world to create awareness among people for planting nearly 7.8 billion trees before the year 2020(which is 50th anniversary 1st Earth day 1970 ). Aim is to stop using fossil fuels, use 100% renewable sources and make clean cities.


In 1969 Jhon MC Connel an Peace activist expressed his views about honor Earth in UNESCO conference held at San Fransisco. The very next year 1970 US Senator Gaylord Nelson officially announced that Earth Day will be celebrated in US, every year 22nd April. But it got international recognition from 1990.Now over 193 countries are celebrating this day every year.

Earth Day 2016 & COP21 :

In 2015 Conference of Parties (COP21) 21st meeting was conducted in Paris, where very important agreement on climatic change was introduced(countries pledge to limit global warming to below 2 degree Celsius).That particular agreement will be signed by dignitaries of 160 countries from today i.e., from 22nd April 2016 to 22nd April 2017.So this year's Earth day is considered as very much special.That agreement will come into effect from 2020.


2016 Earth Day theme  "Trees for the Earth. Let's get Planting"

Google Doodle:

Various organizations are actively involving to make awareness among people about the noble cause in different ways.Google involved itself by making Doodles by representing five animals in it.They are Polar Bear, Fox, Elephant, Tortoise and Octopus.

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